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TOEV Akratas is a public-private partnership that services the irrigation needs of hundreds of farmers and thousands of hectares of land in the small town of Akrata, Achaia.

For years, handling customers, subscriptions and payments was done using conventional accounting books and paper based filing systems. This system was unwieldy and cumbesome to maintain and use so the decision was made to move to a custom online appliation, to be built by us.

Given their relatively simple and straightforward requirements, database design was completed in a few days and we proceeded with development, basing the application as usual on Yii2 with a Bootstrap frontend. Granted that we are used to dealing with much more complex applications and as a testiment to the power of Yii2 we managed to complete the bulk of the application over a weekend with templating and design taking a few more days to finish.

The new system allows the tracking and handling of customers, subscriptions, payments, and land parcels using an intuitive and simple interface. Currently we are working on integrating Google Maps into the application along with tracking the repair history, postions etc of equipment, pumps, canals and other such items that are under the juristiction of the company.